Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 End of the World - Another dumb-ass Prediction

2012 proves to be an eventful year with the end of the world looming in December. Well, that’s if you are a proponent of some very bizarre speculation about Mayan astronomy. How could the Mayan civilisation, concerned with predicting what would happen in a future millennium not use its vast knowledge to save itself from self-destruction? The Mayan elite, high priests and prophets couldn't see far enough into the future to plan for and solve the human problems they faced which ultimately lead to the abandonment of their cities due to a revolt by the plebs. Moreover, the Mayans never predicted the Spanish Conquistadors butchering hundreds of thousands of Mayans in the sixteenth century. So, why should we think the Maya prophets would be any better at seeing the distant future than other failed prophecies? Well, I’ve said my bit on this for the year.

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