Friday, March 26, 2010

Minerals from Peru - new additions to my Mineral Collection!

Bournonite after Tetrahedrite with Quartz (~7 cm) from a new find at Mundo Nuevo mine

A large manganoan calcite crystal with pyrite on tetrahedrite. From the famous Casapalca mine

Orange orpiment with barite, Quirivilca mine

A large Manganoan Calcite ~13 cm with calcite and sphalerite from Racrachanca mine.

Purple Coquimbite (~6 cm) from Peru

Sphalerite with calcite (~8 cm) from Ticlio mine

These are a number of new mineral specimens added to my growing collection of minerals from the country of Peru. The new bournonite pseudomorph after tetrahedrite from Mondo Nuevo specimens are particulary intruiging and are just one of many fascinating pseudormorphs from Peru. The Sphalerite with calcite specimen from Ticlio mine has to be one of my favourites. There is a "shelf" of fine calcite in the center of the specimen that has several spheres of sphalerite on the shelf. The sphalerite have a dark blue iridescence which makes the entire specimen especially attractive!


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